Pepperberry Clothing: A Look Into Its Disappearance and Current Status

Pepperberry clothing was once a popular UK-based brand known for its trendy and stylish clothing options for women with larger bust sizes. Many British women relied on the brand for clothing that offered a comfortable and flattering fit, without sacrificing style.

The Rise of Pepperberry

Launched in 2011 by the global fashion powerhouse, ASOS, Pepperberry quickly gained a loyal following for its fashion-forward designs and focus on creating clothing for women with curves. The brand focused on providing pieces that were both fashionable and functional, catering to women who struggled to find clothes that fit well around their busts.

Pepperberry offered a wide range of clothing options, from casual tops and dresses to formal wear and work attire. The brand also had a variety of accessories and footwear options, making it a one-stop-shop for women with curves who were looking for stylish and comfortable clothing.

So, What Happened?

Despite its initial success, Pepperberry announced in 2019 that it would be closing down its UK stores and online shop, leaving many fans wondering: what happened to the beloved brand?

According to ASOS, the decision to shutter Pepperberry was based on a shift in the company’s focus towards its core ASOS brand. By consolidating its efforts and resources, ASOS aimed to achieve long-term growth for the company.

While this may have been a sound business decision, the closure of Pepperberry left a significant gap in the market for women with curves who were looking for stylish and comfortable clothing options.

Alternatives to Pepperberry

Fortunately, there are several other brands that offer clothing options specifically designed for women with larger busts. Here are a few to consider:

  • Bravissimo: This UK-based brand offers clothing, lingerie, and swimwear for women with bigger busts. Their clothing options range from everyday wear to formal attire, and they even have a range of maternity wear.
  • Urkye: Based in Poland, Urkye offers clothing options for women with a curvy figure or larger busts. Their pieces are designed to fit and flatter, and they have a variety of workwear and dress options.
  • BiuBiu: This brand offers clothing options for women with larger busts, as well as women who are shorter than average. Their clothing is both stylish and affordable, with options for casual wear and dressier occasions.

While we miss the convenience and style that Pepperberry offered, we are grateful that there are other brands out there filling the void.

In Conclusion

Although Pepperberry may no longer be around, its impact will not be forgotten. The brand offered a unique and much-needed solution for women with larger busts who were struggling to find clothes that fit and looked good. While we mourn the loss of this beloved brand, we can take heart in the fact that there are other brands out there that offer similar solutions.

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