Unveiling the Benefits of The Ordinary Glycolic Toner: What Makes it a Must-Have in Your Skincare Routine

If you’re someone who loves to take care of their skin, you’ve likely heard of glycolic acid. It’s an incredible ingredient that’s been making quite the buzz in the beauty community due to its effectiveness in exfoliating and rejuvenating skin. One of the most popular skincare products containing glycolic acid is the ordinary glycolic toner. The toner has become highly favored by many skincare enthusiasts for its affordability and effectiveness. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what the toner is, its benefits, and how to use it in your skincare routine.

What is glycolic toner?

The ordinary glycolic toner is a skincare product that uses Glycolic acid, a type of alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), as its main ingredient. One of the main functions of the toner is to exfoliate the skin by dissolving dead skin cells, dirt, and other impurities on the surface of the skin.

Benefits of using glycolic toner

There are numerous benefits to using a glycolic toner like the one from the ordinary. Here are some of the advantages of incorporating it into your skincare routine:

  • Exfoliates the skin: Using the toner regularly helps exfoliate the skin, leaving it brighter and smoother.
  • Reduces inflammation: Glycolic acid has anti-inflammatory properties, and using the toner can help soothe the skin and reduce inflammation and redness.
  • Fights acne: Glycolic acid has a reputation for being fantastic for those with acne-prone skin, as it can help unclog pores and reduce breakouts.
  • Aids in the absorption of other skincare products: By removing dead skin cells and impurities on the surface of the skin, using the toner allows other skincare products to penetrate more deeply and be more effective.

How to use the ordinary glycolic toner

Now that we know what glycolic acid is and the benefits of using the toner let’s discuss how to use it in your skincare routine. The ordinary glycolic toner is suitable for all skin types but is especially suitable for oily or acne-prone skin. The recommended usage is to use it twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening, after cleansing your skin.

To use, soak a cotton pad with the toner and apply it to your face, neck, and chest, avoiding any sensitive areas like the eyes. Be sure to wait for the toner to dry before applying any other skincare products. For newbies, it’s always best to start slow and gradually increase usage frequency over time.


The ordinary glycolic toner is an affordable and effective product that can help improve skin texture, reduce inflammation, aid in the absorption of other skincare products, and more. Incorporating this toner into your skincare routine can do wonders for your skin. However, like with any new product, it’s essential to introduce it gradually into your routine and monitor how your skin reacts. As always, consult with a licensed skincare professional if you have any questions or concerns about using this product.

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